Re-Use Your Webinars To Boost Sales Pipeline

The Breach and Attack Simulation Leaders Symposium helps software vendors connect with key account professionals in active buying cycles.

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Event Date: May 6th, 2024

Decision Deadline: March 29th, 2024

Why You Should Add Your Webinar

  • We target your top 50 accounts
  • Low customer acquisition costs 
  • 100% performance based with no obligation to pay.


    Accelerate Sales Cycles

    Stand out from the crowd and influence decision-makers before they even talk to sales for the first time.

    Higher ROI

    Increased conversions, lower customer acquisition costs, faster sales growth, and more.

    Align Marketing & Sales Teams

    Bring (regional) sales and marketing together to focus resources on a set of target accounts. Track fewer metrics and get clearer results


    100% performance based

    IF you want access to your registration list, then we will invoice you on a per-registration basis.

    30-day promotion

    We use BDR’s to target your accounts and active promotion through our 100K-subscriber newsletter, website ( and social media platforms.

    3 Simple Steps

    Reserve your space (5 spaces available on a FCFS basis). Upload you pre-recorded webinar file. Approve your target account list.